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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions):

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  • What is the DE 101/201 briefing?
  • How to Check-in at the track
  • Helmets - rent or buy?
  • Do I need Instruction?
  • Motorsportreg (our registration system)  notifications setup?
  • What Run Group should I sign up for?
  • What is the Diablo Track event format?
  • How to complete Tech inspection of your car
  • Do I need to modify my car?
  • Am I insured?
  • Cars modified with harnesses must have Hans....(Jan 2019)

What is a 'DE' event?
These are managed events where drivers get to exercise their cars on the racetrack. Participants are divided into run groups by experience, Beginner (A Group), Intermediate (B Group) and Advanced (C Group). Beginners are instructed, in car, until they receive sign off to 'solo', which means they understand how to manage their car on track, including passing rules and zones, learning the 'lines' around the track and conduct themselves safely and in co-operation with other drivers. We support the run groups with classroom instruction at the track.

What is Diablo DE 101/201 Briefing?

This is a 2 hour interactive chalk talk for both new and experienced drivers and instructors too.   These events are mandatory for Beginners and highly recommended for Intermediates and Experts.   

We typically hold them a couple of weeks prior to each event. We cover how to prepare you and your car, what to expect the day of the event, the schedule, where to stay, events before the track day, plus track driving techniques and tips, safety tips for you and your car, flags, passing zones and more. 

The presentation slides are available for download at the bottom of the events page.

Please see our Events Page for the next one...

** NEW: How do I check in at the track?

  • If you are joining us at night before dinner, you can get your registration packet there. If not, registration is available first thing on the day. OUR waiver will be signed at either.
  • When you arrive at the entrance to the track facility, you will sign the track's waiver.
  • Find a parking spot or your allocated garage space. Once you have your registration packet unload your car (everything out).
  • Put numbers on your car as indicated - ask someone close by if you are not sure where they go. (Generally, they need to be on both sides for Laguna Seca, front and rear windshield for Thunderhill). Also, your run group identification letter will go on the front windshield, top passenger side.
  • Stay by your car until the safety inspector arrives. It will only take a few minutes to do final inspection of your car - it must be completely empty, numbers on and ready to go...
  • Safety inspector will collect your Tech/Safety form and put a sticker on your windshield so that grid workers can ensure ony inspected cars enter the track.
  • Keep an ear out for the driver's meeting which you must attend..its' time and location is on the schedule in your packet. Wristbands which allow entry to the track will be provided at the driver's meeting.

Can I rent a helmet at the track?
You can rent helmets at Thunderhill but not at Laguna Seca. If you are doing this regularly consider buying will fit better.

Can I use a Motorcycle (M-Spec?) Helmet?

Sorry no you can't. For our HPDE days (and those of most other track orgs), M-Spec helmets are not allowed. It's an insurance thing - and the fact that SA helmets are built for cars and M spec helmets are built for the different needs of the motorcyclist.

What type of helmet do I need?

Helmets must be SA 2015 or newer Snell rating. It's your choice to go with open or full face. We will always tell you to make sure your helmet is a good fit so try it on before you buy it. Different makes have different shapes, so choose one which is best for the shape of your head. If too tight, you will get a headache. Too loose and it will not have the safety properties you will need if the unlikely event of needing it appears. More info:

Will I get instruction?
We provide either In-Car or Lead / Follow instruction to all who are not signed off to solo at the track on a space available basis using a first come first served process.  All instructors are volunteers and our places for Beginners are limited by the number of instructors who are able to join us at any particular event. In addition we offer / require attendance at multiple classroom de-brief and learning sessions throughout the day from trained instructors.

If you sign up for an event in a Beginner group or as a first timer, there may be a delay in confirming your place pending our availability of instructors.

How do I get notification of events from
Sign up at and create and account, then attach Diablo PCA as one of 'my clubs'. You will then be able to see our events and sign up.

If this is my first time, what do I need to think about?
Take a look at our DE 101 Presentation and come along to our next briefing, which are held a couple of weeks prior to each track event.

What Run Group should I be in?
If you have been to the track you are signing up for 1-3 times, you will probably be in Beginner. When you are cleared by an instructor, you can advance up the groups. We often run two Intermediate Groups, (Low and High). Our Advanced Group is generally for people who have probably 20+ track days and instructors run in this group too. On the day, we can always make adjustments if you are in the wrong group.

What is Diablo's format for track events?
We run typically run 4 different groups, with 5 run sessions.   In some cases we may run 5 groups with 4 sessions depending on driver turnout.   We deliberately limit participation which means manageable sized run groups and plenty of track time. (This is unique in the track event world, btw!). We also provide lunch included in the price, and bottled water for the day. (Sample schedules can be found on the Forms & Docs page).

What are the rules regarding tech inspection?
As the driver/owner, you sign a document stating your car has had a tech inspection within 30 days of the event and that it is safe to run on the track. Tech Inspections are available at local dealerships and shops, you are free to use whichever you trust. Near to an event, we will publish local dealers who may do this for free. Bear in mind that when regular maintenance is performed, your shop will usually inspect the car anyway. Tech inspection form download is

Do I need any modifications to belts, seats, the car etc... to run on track?
No, most of our participants run stock cars. The only requirement is that it is well maintained. The most common issue we find is a car failing tech inspection because of poor maintenance, such as brake fluid not changed in years, or worn brakes that have been neglected...

Does my insurance still cover me?
This varies widely, many auto insurance companies do not cover you, so be sure to check with yours. Be specific that this is a driver education event and instructor-led, not racing, time trial or competition, neither is it practicing for racing. HPDE  insurance can be found with the following (and probably more if you search around):


If your car is modified with harnesses you must have Hans Device from 2019....

The number one priority of PCA's HPDE Program is track safety. A core belief in the DE program is that a person can purchase a stock Porsche and take it to the track for an HPDE weekend, after an appropriate tech inspection of course.  

Some people choose to modify their cars to increase performance and others to increase safety. A popular modification made to track cars is the addition of a multi-point harness system. The PCA DE Minimum Standards state that if a driver uses a harness system, he or she will ALSO be required to utilize a head and neck restraint system, commonly referred to as a HANS device. 

A head and neck restraint device is an integral part of the harness system. Because the rule of equal restraint always applies, if a driver uses a harness system there must also be a harness system available and used by the passenger. Thus, both the driver and passenger will be required to use a HANS device. We highly encourage all DE participants to comply with this minimum standard. Head and neck restraint system devices are now affordable and easily purchased online.