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PCA Diablo 2021 Track Day Schedule 

March 19 - Laguna Seca
May 7 - Thunderhill 3 Mile
July 27 - SONOMA - PCA Diablo Run Group with HOD for experienced track drivers only (PCA Diablo members will have a week head start on registration for this 25 person exclusive run group)
September 24 - Thunderhill 3 Mile
November 22 - Laguna Seca 

Dear Student Drivers, 
(If it’s your first time or you are not yet cleared to solo without an instructor this is you),

We are excited to be able to offer instruction again this year after being forced to cancel in-car instruction last year due to Covid-19.  Your Diablo DE team has been hard at work since the fall and over the winter to get 31 Instructors trained to deliver Lead / Follow instruction according to the new PCA National Minimum Standards.   Big thanks are due to our Board of Directors for their unwavering support, and to David Ogiba, Tom Davenport, Jeff Urnes and Mike Ciopyk for making this new offering a reality. 

In normal times, the student run group size is limited by Instructor sign-ups and track space.  In Covid times, we have the additional limitations of how many certified Lead / Follow Instructors sign up plus new and smaller run group size limitations suggested by PCA National based on the length of each track.   At Laguna, we can comfortably accommodate 9 student and instructor “pods” in the run group (that’s 9 drivers and 9 instructors or 18 cars total) and at Thunderhill on the 3-mile circuit we can comfortably accommodate 12 student drivers.   

While we are very happy to welcome back our drivers who need instruction, we also know that this new reality does not allow us to accommodate as many student drivers as we can in normal times.   Please understand, we are doing everything we can with our dedicated volunteer army to keep things safe and fun for everyone and accommodate as many drivers of all levels as we can.    And, as soon as it's safe to get back to in-car instruction, we'll offer that again as well.

We will announce registration availability for each future event ahead of opening the event on MSR so everyone who needs instruction has a fair shot. 

​DE 101/201 Presentation

​Liability Waiver Form

Covid 19 Waiver Agreement

Thunderhill DE Checklist