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September 16th

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DE101/201 Briefing August 31st, 6.30-8.30pm at Porsche of Livermore

Our Sponsors:  Porsche Of Walnut Creek     Porsche Of Livermore        Kahlers

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Diablo Region DE Contacts:     
       DEChair/Director - Adam Cipriano:       DiabloPCA.DEChair@gmail.com
       Chief Driving Instructor - Jeff Urnes:     traqrat@gmail.com
       Sponsorship - Jeff Kreutzer:                 DiabloPCA.Director@gmail.com 
       Track Registrar - Mike Ciopyk:              DiabloPCA.deregistrar@gmail.com
       Event Management - Kay Maloy:           DiabloPCA.editor@gmail.com
       President - Ed Won:                             DiabloPCA.President@gmail.com
       Vice President - Brian Adkins:               DiabloPCA.VicePresident@gmail.com