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"Drive Fast,

Have Fun,

Be Safe"

Next Event:

​Thunderhill  Raceway, 3 Mile Track November 23rd, 2020

PCA Diablo DE Event Sponsors: 

Porsche of Walnut Creek    Porsche of Fresno     Porsche of Livermore

                             PCA Diablo DE Tech Inspection Sponsors  Kahlers                               

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November 12th, DE 101 Zoom call...details Here

Release & Waiver To sign for track events Here

We are working hard on a Lead / Follow Program and hope to be able to implement it prior to our November 23 event.   Once we get it up and running, we will welcome back all of you who need instruction.   We'll keep you posted.

Diablo Region DE Contacts:    

DE Chair / Club Vice President               - Adam C
Co-Chief Driving Instructor                     - Jeff U
Co-Chief Driving Instructor                     - Tom D
DE Registrar                                             - Mike C
DE Event Manager                                   - Kay M
DE Sponsor Liaison                                 - Ed W
Club President                                          - Brian A
DE Run Group Leader & Instructor        - Dave O
DE Run Group Leader & Instructor        - Ken W
DE Run Group Leader & Instructor        - Peter S

DE Webmaster                                          - Anthony M